Secret Phrases, Private Keys and the Public Keys
Best Practices for Dummies

  1. Don’t take photos of your Secret Phrases, don’t save them on your hardware and now that we have Maiar and Ledger (the most secure way of interacting with blockchain) avoid Json+Pass connection especially if you know you are not taking security measures on your devices. (Antivirus, VPN, Avoiding dangerous sites, Strong passwords, Encrypted Hard Drives). Your hard drive stored information can be hacked, especially if you are not taking these safety measures.
  2. Don’t use your Secret Phrases anywhere else than:
  • They share their Secret Phrases with Fake Projects Admins or Team Members.
  • They fill in Secret Phrases on Scam Sites, usually shared to them by Fake Projects Admins or Team Members.
  • They access Scam Sites, download and install Scam Software as Keyloggers which grant scammers access to their device’s activity.
  • They store back-ups or even Secret Phrases on clouds or mails using compromised email addresses or weak security emails and get their info hacked.



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